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L'Arc~en~Ciel Claims @ LJ

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Welcome to Laruku Claims, the OTHER L'Arc~en~Ciel claim community on Livejournal. I noticed that the old one isn't updated a lot and is kind of dead, so I took it upon myself to bring up a new community. So it's not my idea, I'm just digging up someone else's!

The idea of this community is to allow anyone that joins to claim ANYTHING and EVERYTHING (within reason) related to the Phenomenal J-Rock band L'ARC~EN~CIEL. It's not just limited to songs, you can claim band members, PVs, songs by Solo or other projects (HYDE, TETSU69, SOAP, Acid Android), objects..well..anything worth claiming. If you are questionable about your claim it will be checked before it gets put on the claimed list, so no worries! I'm sure you're all smart people and you know what's claimable and what's not.

All members are allowed one claim. At various times of deadness We may open up so you can get a claim or two more, but as we're just starting out you will be limited to ONE claim at this time.

Please make sure you check over the CLAIMED LIST and RECENT ENTRIES in the community before you make your claim, to make sure nobody else hasn't already claimed it or it just hasn't been put up on the Claimed list yet. It's first come first served here, so do not start fights with people because you couldn't get the claim you wanted.

Make sure you post your claim in an ENTRY, not in a comment or anywhere else. If you fail to post it in it's own entry it will be ignored.

Please post the claim on your userinfo or somewhere visible after you have made it!

Please keep all claims within reason, don't make any janky claims. Keep all claims relating to L'Arc~en~Ciel. Claiming the whole band or "everything about so-and-so" is not allowed. You CANNOT claim whole albums. Also, certain *cough* body parts of the members are NOT claimable. Sorry kiddies. However, if you would like to claim someone's "ass", that's quite alright with me. I already claimed Hyde and Tetsu. HA!

Those are all the rules. If you're able to follow those, you can make your claim and everything will be just..SUPER! If you have any questions feel free to direct them to me (littlemelgirl).

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Hyde claimed by littlemelgirl
Tetsu claimed by littlemelgirl
Yukihiro claimed by lyn_sama

Hyde's BLONDE HAIR claimed by sewnxtogether
Hyde's FACIAL expressions claimed by onegreysunrise
Hyde's VOICE claimed by evil_takai
Tetsu's HAIR claimed by seixkei

Hyde x Tetsu claimed by reila
Hyde x Yukihiro claimed by kagome_angel

Flower claimed by nikkibyun
Feeling Fine claimed by littlemelgirl
HONEY claimed by littlemelgirl
Jiyu e no shotai claimed by deathstarx
Stars~Hoshizora claimed by shinbun_chan


STAY AWAY claimed by hanamusume